Well, since I am single, and I am looking for a cpmpatable mate, this is, in essence, personal ad.  I'll tell you a bit about me, and if you are not scared off, you tell me about you.


(I'll try to be truthful!) I was born on April, 13 1955. I am currently 5'10", 295, handsome and husky (ok, I'm a BHM. FAT, OK??). As you can see I have brown eyes, a shaved head. I must also tell you that I am *bisexual* and *polyamorous*. I am currently working for nationally-known market research company. I also own an internet marketing company. I have been bisexual for over 20 years, and poly for about that long. I am open to just about anything. We can talk about that later. My likes are science-fiction, the internet, the Beach, cooking, American food, travel, politics, good conversation, unbridled sex.

Now, I am a BISEXUAL MAN. If you are not looking for a man for friendship, please remember that.

Second, I am not right now looking for a single man for sex. Friendship is fine if you we are intellectually matched.

Now in terms if intimacy, or just plain fooling around, I am seeking women and couples where all are bisexual and transgendered people. In terms of a relationship, I am seeking only a woman of like mind, if she exists.

That person(s) must enjoy life, and sex is part of life. That person must be sexually unafraid, open to just about anything. She/they should be filled with the joy of life.

The people I seek also should have goals in life, no or few prejudices, have a fairly high IQ..not ashamed to speak proper/normal. They should be aware of what is going on and involed in life, the country, people.

If you are a couple, you should be in love with each other, but open to others. You realize that sex has an emotional connetion and you welcome it rather than flee.

If you are a woman, you are supportive, facinated with life, will stand up for what you believe in. You have a fire in your belly and your poochie.

You can be a top model/porn star, or plain jane (in pretty l arge myself, ok?), but I do have one weakness...endowments..both!

If you are a transwoman, please don't look like Henny Youngman in drag. Be unsahamed of yourself and of sex.

And please speak English!

One more thing....don't be afraid to meet. If you are here or can come here, great, bu don't be afraid to meet.

That is all!

PS: Its not mentioned but I am now on TWITTER!


Coming soon

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