Please note that these are of a sexual nature. Although great pains have been taken to fit this within Yola's S&P's, this may offend some....and I probably would not want to talk to you anyway, tread carefully


Q: Ok: are you bisexual?
A: Yes

Q: Well, you know the Kinsey scale, 0-5 with zero being totally hetrosexual and five being totally gay..where are you at?
A: 2.5

Q: How long have you been bi?
A: Since 1986

Q: What was your bi first experience?
A: Well, it would take to long here, but when we meet, I'll tell'll bust-A-gut!

Q: What is your endowment?
A: 8-9"x3"

Q: Do you practice safety?
A: Yes. End of discussion.

Q: Are you into oral pleasure?
A: Very Much

Q: Are you into "backdoor" pleasures?
A: Giving yes. I am a virgin at recieving, but you never know...

Q: Do you have a partner?
A: Not at the present time.

Q: I(we) May not be into "Big" men...why should we join you?
A: Because I am creative, caring, a GREAT kisser of both, funny at times, and not a bad guy! ;-)

Q: Are you a top or a bottom?
A: Top with men, versitile with women.

Q: Would you do the man alone?
A: In a couple situation, I always do both together. Now if the relationship gets to a point where I can have solo fun with eiether he or she, that;s great, but we have to be at a point where the relationship may be deeper that just occasional fun. That, plus another, would be the ultimate.

Q: Would you be open to BDSM?
A: Yes, as long as there is a minimum of pain.

Q: Would you be Dom, Sub, or switch?
A: Probably Dom, maybe switch. I am new at that?

Q: What WON'T you do?
A: I am probably more open minded that most humans.  All I can say is...just ask.  You may be surprised.  All I ask is that you be honest about your likes and dislikes as well. But I a pretty much non-judgemental and have a high kink factor.

More to ...come....


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